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ifresco AutoOCR Transformer

Version: 1.14

The AutoOCR Server is integrated via REST as a dynamic configurable Alfresco document transformer. AutoOCR creates searchable PDF´s or other document formats like TXT, DOC(X), XLS(X), PPT(X), XML, RTF and HTML from image of PDF files. The OCR functions can be used via Java, JavaScript or as a document transformer. Config is done from the Share UI which also has a new document action "Transform" and gives access to all Alfresco transformers. Includes ABBYY Finereader Engine for 10.000 pages per month!

starting at€1,860.00
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starting at€1,860.00
Incl. VAT
ifresco AutoOCR Transformer

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With the solution you acquire all necessary licenses and components for use with Alfresco:

  • ifresco AutoOCR
  • ifresco AutoOCR Transformer for Alfresco
  • ABBYY FineReader Engine 10 (License for 10,000 pages per month)

    AutoOCR is an OCR server / service which is based on the obviously best OCR engine from Abbyy. The AutoOCR server has a REST web-serverice interface which was used to integrate it with Alfresco. AutoOCR is able to convert image- or PDF- files to searchable PDF´s. In addition to PDF other document formats like TXT, DOC(X), XLS(X), PPT(X), XML, RTF and HTML can also be created.

    The configuration is simple and uses OCR profiles to summarize all possible settings. With an AMP install module  the direct integration of AutoOCR to Alfresco is realized. OCR functions are available in   Alfresco as a dynamically configurable transformer. Appropriate bindings allow the use of the OCR out services also from JavaScript and Java. From Alfresco 4.0, the configuration and monitoring will be done directly on the UI of the Share Administrator console.

    In addition, we have extended the  
    Alfresco share document actions with the Alfresco Transformer integration. Transformer functions are available on  any document via the share interface and allow the conversion of documents into different formats.

    AutoOCR as Alfresco Transformer:

    The OCR function can be bound to a folder as an action. So if e.g. a scanned document will be placed in this folder, the processing starts automatically started and the document will be passed to the AutoOCR server. The result is a searchable PDF or other document format that can be immediately sought and found on the Alfresco full-text index.

    AutoOCR JavaScript binding for Alfresco:

    The JavaScript API allows direct access to the AutoOCR service from Alfresco scripts. From Repository JavaScripts (Webscript controller script, scripted actions) all the features of AutoOCR API can be adressed. This API is completely independent from the integration of AutoOCR services as Alfresco Transformer.

    Alfresco Share - "Transform" document action 

    By implementing the additional "transform" document action to the Share UI you can use all your Alfresco transformes and not only the AutoOCR transformers. The "transform" action is implemented general and not only OCR specific.

    Highlights / features:

    • Direct AutoOCR integration as Alfresco transformer with REST web service interface.
    • Separate AutoOCR service / server which does not strain the Alfresco server
    • Based on ABBYY - the leading OCR engine
    • Easy configuration by selecting OCR profiles - all available ABBYY OCR engine settings are combined.
    • In addition to PDF other output formats can be generated (TXT, RTF, DOC, etc.)
    • Dynamic transformer configuration at runtime using the Alfresco Share Admin interface.
    • JavaScript client for the AutoOCR service, available in Alfresco repository scripts (WebScripts, actions, etc.)
    • Java client for the AutoOCR service, for use in Java code.
    • The Java client itself has no dependencies for Alfresco.
    • New Share document action "Transform" enhances Share not only with OCR but with all supported transformers.

    ABBYY FineReader Engine 10 is the perfect solution for creating highly accurate, scalable, and efficient OCR applicaitons and services. Includes ABBYY Finereader Engine 10. That means that every month there are 10.000 pages available for OCR processing.


    Maintenance and Support

    The purchase price includes one year of software maintenance (updates) and support to the module via the X.KEY support (support@xkey.at). After one year a 20% of list price per year will be calculated for further maintenance. A termination of the maintenance agreement must be done at least 60 days before end date in writing (also by email to office@xkey.at).

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Change History

1.14 - 21.11.2012

  • FEATURE: Compatibility with Alfresco 4.2.bCE and Java7
  • FEATURE: "About AutoOCR" tab for the admin console view, provides details on the installed version.
  • FIX: Replace target document switch was not honored in certain circumstances.


  • bug fixes


  • Transformation action  for Share added, can also used with all other Alfresco transformers
  • Updated AutoOCR script binding with the version 1.9.9 of the AutoOCR server


  • List of AutoOCR jobs in the admin consol
  • OCR Job-label
  • API key is used from the client


  • dyn. config of the transformer was not set and used
  • Logging-output when no user-context was set on the  trace-level


  • Script-binding of the AutoOCR client for Alfresco repository scripts.
  • Release of the HTTP-connection at the end of a request
  • Use and configuration of HTTP-connection-timeouts


  • Fix issue with display of configfile


  • Initial release
  • Java AutoOCR Client
  • Alfresco transformer integration
  • Alfresco Share admin userinterface
  • Dynamic Transformer configuration at runtime