FAQ overview




1. Why a marketplace for Alfresco-solutions?

Alfresco, the Open Source Enterprise Content Management Solution, is getting more and more popular worldwide and is used in all kind of branches and company sizes. The very number of downloads of Alfresco indicate that a big market has developed by now. An implementation of Alfresco often involves the development of a new extension - which is usually applied only in the narrow context of a specific project. The ecm Market offers a platform that enables enterprises to promote these useful modules and thus create the opportunity for a use in a larger context. One can find numerous extensions for Alfresco spread over the internet by now. They range from small projects, that haven't gone much further from being an idea, but have much potential for success, up to complex and well-tested enterprise-solutions. What has been missing to date is a place where all these solutions are gathered. A platform that presents all relevant modules under one roof - and where enterprises can rely on standard rules and quality when purchasing modules. Where developers and suppliers have the opportunity to generate income with their modules and obtain the necessary resources to further develop their ideas. We have set ourselves the goal of establishing this kind of platform and becoming the "place-to-go" for those enterprises, that are looking for reliable Alfresco-solutions.

2. How does the ecm Market work?

ecm Market is a trding platform for Alfresco-solutions and modules. Suppliers from various countries offer their solutions for free or for sale. Up to now, these modules were only hard to find and to compare. ecm Market frames uniform rules for the sale of a module and clear-cut conditions.

Customers at ecm Market can be sure:

  • the solutions are reliable, robust and developed for the usage in enterprises.
  • commercial solutions come with support.
  • the purchasing process is conducted by German law and
  • is realized via the ecm Market.
  • in case of justified, timely complaints about a module, the customer can be assured to receive back his payment . The payment remains with the operators of ecm Market for two weeks.

3. What are the advantages of buying a module at ecm Market?

There are good reasons:

  • Overview: All relevant Alfresco-solutions are listed on one platform, and are accessed through rules that apply to all solutions.
  • Risk-free Purchase: The process of purchasing an Alfresco-solution is realized on behalf of the supplier via the ecm Market. The customers is granted two weeks upon receipt to check whether the product matches the descriptions or has significant defects. During that period of time, the purchase price remains on a bank account owned by ecm4u GmbH and is transferred to the supplier afterwards.
  • Support: All commercial solutions on the ecm Market come with support.
  • Technical Assistance: Customers obtain straightforward assistance for the installation, operation and customizing of Alfresco.
  • Sustainability: Suppliers generate income from their modules and are therefore enabled to further development their solutions.

4. How do I register at ecm Market?

It's easy: just click on "Log In" in the top right corner of each site or click on "Profile". Then select "Create an Account" and fill the required data in the form. You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link to activate your account.

5. I have ordered a module. What is happening next?

The order of a module is followed by these steps:

  1. You will receive an e-mail with the order details and a confirmation link. Please confirm your order here.
  2. Shortly after, you will receive the supplier's invoice. Please settle the invoice (use the account of ecm4u GmbH as recipient account).
  3. You will receive an e-mail that confirms the receipt of your payment. The e-mail contains a link that guides you to your product files.
  4. Now you can download your product. Your payment remains on the bank account of the operators of ecm Market, the ecm4u GmbH, for two weeks. It will be transfered to the supplier after this period of time providet that there has not been a justified complaint in due time from your side.

6. Why do I have to give details on my company?

ecm Market is a B2B-platform. That implies: only entrepreneurs and freelancers that have a properly established and existing business can offer, purchase or download modules. After your registration at ecm Market, it is therefore required to fill in the name and address of your company in your profile before purchasing or downloading an Alfresco solution.

7. How can I offer my Alfresco-solution at ecm Market?

If you want to bring your modules to market, you need to register your company as a supplier for ecm market. Please find more information here!

8. How can I pay at ecm Market?

Currently ecm Market offers solely prepayment as a payment method. Your payment is transfered to the account of ecm4u GmbH, the operators of ecm Market. It remains on this account for two weeks and will be transfered to the supplier after this period of time.