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Compatibility Alfresco Community:
6.1.x, 6.0.x, 5.2.x, 5.1.x, 5.0.x, 4.2.x
Compatibility Alfresco Enterprise:
6.1.x, 6.0.x, 5.2.x, 5.1.x, 5.0.x, 4.2.x
User Interface:
German, English
MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle
Operating System:
Linux, Windows, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7

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ecm4u Email for Share

Version: 1.30

This module allows you to store your important emails in Alfresco. With the integrated previewer you can view content, recipient and attachments of an email at a glance, without having to open your native email client. The search function enables you to search emails and attachments or look for recipients and senders of messages.

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Incl. VAT
ecm4u Email for Share

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Do you want to store important emails in one central place? Is your email server filled to the brim? Do you need substantial search options for a large inventory of emails? Alfresco in connection with ecm4u Email for Share provides an efficient email management.

NEW SINCE VERSION 1.14: Save attachments back to Alfresco - see screenshots


Key Facts:

  • preview of email and attachments on one site in your browser
  • does not require Thunderbird or Outlook for a preview
  • archive also your emails in the context of your (project-)documentation
  • store your emails in Alfresco using the Alfresco network drive (CIFS) or Alfresco Share
  • fulltext indexing of attachments und email content
  • selective search for attachments
  • selective search for recipients
  • download of attachments
  • supports standard email format MIME
  • supports Mozilla Thunderbirds .eml format
  • supports Microsoft Outlooks .msg format
  • supports text emails
  • supports HTML emails
    • loading of external pictures only with user confirmation
    • display of inline-attachments
  • safe handling of HTML emails:
    • prevents XSS (Cross-Site-Scripting)
    • filters scripts and other dynamic content
    • derefer function for links
    • prevents iframes
    • extendible filter functions according to your safety regulations



The license allows installation of the module on a productive Alfresco repository with up to 2,000 registered users, a standby, test and development system.


Maintenance and Support

The purchasing price for this module includes one year of software maintenance (updates) and support by ecm4u GmbH. After one year 20% of the purchasing price are charged for maintenance and support per annum. Please find the details in the terms and conditions of ecm4u GmbH that are indicated during the purchase process in your cart.


Demo access

If you would like to test the module: Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Change History

1.18 - 12/12/2013

  • compatible with latest Alfresco versions 4.2eCE and 4.2.0EE
  • single previewer configuration as used with Alfresco
  • support of the Alfresco CSRF filter

1.17 - 10/9/2013

  • fix issue with update of versioned emails

1.16 - 6/5/2013

  • compatible with Alfresco Version 4.2dCE
  • reprocess (batch) all existing mails
  • support mails with very long header lines

1.15 - 6/5/2013

  • Links from the search results to mails and attachments now navigate to the details view of a mail with preselected attachment
  • optimized the save attachment dialog for smaller screen resolutions
  • filter xml processing instructions in mail HTML previews

1.14 - 4/11/2013

  • save attachments back to Alfresco
  • MIME Parsing improved to support edge cases with inline images
  • save message id as property
  • minor improvements
  • bugfixes

1.13 - 1/3/2013

  • compatible with Alfresco Version 4.2cCE

1.12 - 10/18/2012

  • compatible with Alfresco Version 4.1.1EE
  • removed unneccessary patches


  • removed static url /context


  • fix authentication on derefer


  • configuration options of HTML filters
  • FIX: handle missing security context gracefully


  • fix HTML coding for the preview of text content


  • preview of attachments


  • added search masks for e-mails and attachments


  • ecm4u Version