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ecm4u Controls

Version: 1.1.

The Controls module by ecm4u enables you to use new, ergonomic input widgets for the Alfresco Explorer.

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ecm4u Controls


Administrators can now easily provide a modern and comprehensible Alfresco-layout for the most various use cases for their users – with minimum effort and within short time.


Use cases

  • enables the use of dynamic auto-complete for input-fields against a dynamically generated list (JavaScript or Groovy). An example for a use case: a user starts to type the name of a supplier. With every letter the user types, the list of suggestions becomes more and more narrowed down and filtered.
  • Input of additional, formattable texts into the document properties, e.g. for a comment field.
  • Hierarchical selection: enables a selection that depends on the previous selection. This can be useful for selection criteria that depend on components and modules.
  • Real-time verification of inputs against external systems (requires ecm4u Groovy module).


Advantage and Benefit

  • state-of-the-art user interface widgets.
  • integration of external systems via Groovy-scripts.
  • Feedback during input.
  • No Java /JSF programming required.
  • Configuration is convertible without rebooting if webclientconfig is in DataDictionary.
  • Improves usability.
  • Extends text-input fields with these components: YUI Rich-Text Editor, AutoComplete, TreeComplete and  Dynamic Standard DropDown



The license allows installation of the module on a productive Alfresco repository with up to 2,000 registered users, a standby, test and development system.


Maintenance and Support

The purchasing price for this module includes one year of software maintenance (updates) and support by ecm4u GmbH. After one year 20% of the purchasing price are charged for maintenance and support per annum. Please find the details in the terms and conditions of ecm4u GmbH that are indicated during the purchase process in your cart.


Demo access

If you would like to test the module: Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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