Information for Suppliers

Do you want to offer your Alfresco-solution on ecm Market and want to find out how it works? If so, look no further!

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Why becoming a supplier?

ecm Market is a trading platform on which enterprises from various countries can offer their Alfresco modules and services. The marketplace not only creates an opportunity to bring your solution as a product to market – it creates this market in the first place!

Do you have modules, solutions or ideas for solutions that extend Alfresco substantially for a business use? Then you should not hesitate to bring them on the first marketplace for Alfresco-solutions – maybe they are already searched for by many enterprises!

Enterprises should be able to find and purchase your solutions. So far they only had the chance to commission a project if they intended to adjust Alfresco according to their needs.

You can open up new markets, both in your home country and abroad, with already existing solutions or realise your ideas for solutions with these markets in mind. In short: not only enterprises that are looking for good and reliable Alfresco-solutions benefit from this marketplace, but also the suppliers of these solutions.

Additional benefits for suppliers

Not only do we clear the way for new markets, but we also offer additional benefits for suppliers:

  • we manage the purchase processing for you.
  • you benefit automatically from our marketing.
  • you receive access to libraries and services, such as a license management, that facilitates the development and marketing of your products substantially.

Who benefits from taking part as a supplier in ecm Market?

All enterprises and freelancers that want to offer a free or commercial Alfresco-solution that is ready to be used in enterprises. For example:

  • system integrators, who have developed modules for a customer in the course of a project and now intend to further market them.
  • Alfresco partners, who are looking for new channels of distribution.
  • freelance developers, who are looking for a secure funding base for their developments.
  • all companies that want to facilitate free Alfresco-solutions for the community, maybe with the intention to attract attention to their companies.

Costs for Suppliers

We do not charge any fees for the provisioning or administration of your product. For suppliers that offer free Alfresco-solutions no costs will incur. We ask for a provision for the sale of commercial products on ecm Market. The level of the provison is determined by the product model that you want to offer. Please contact us for more information!

You cannot offer support for your commercial solution?

Enterprises need reliable support. Please contact us in case that you do not have the means to offer comprehensive support for your products. ecm4u GmbH can take care of the maintenance and support for your solution. Let's talk about it in detail!

Further Questions?

Please write to or call us: +49 (0)711 912 775-75

Register here as supplier. It's free!