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Alfresco MetaDBConnector Component PRO

Version: 1.0.

An Alfresco Share component that allows you to link complex database information with your content's metadata in Alfresco – following the "Alfresco way". The PRO version comes with additional PRO services (Quick Start Kit and more, see details).

790,00 €
Inkl. MwSt.
790,00 €
Inkl. MwSt.
Alfresco MetaDBConnector Component PRO

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The MetaDBConnector PRO enables you to link information from your database (or any other public source) easily to the content on your Alfresco server, without any additional development efforts. This capability adds another level of information enrichment to your content as well as many alternatives for the integration of your data. The most important advantages of MetaDBConnector :

  • Easy to configure and trouble-free customization.
  • No coding for the extension of your Alfresco required.
  • XML format for store information, easily searchable, exportable and manageable.
  • Includes user interface control that lets you easily search and select data from your database for content's integration (multirow and multicolumn).
  • 230kb of core that allows you to enrich your content with large volumes of information.
  • Unlimited number of "Connectors", linked to any jDBC compliant database provider (thoroughly tested for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and Oracle).
  • Powerful and highly flexible replacement for the classic Constraints.


Additional PRO services:

1. Pre-installation analysis of one Alfresco instance (maximum 4 hours). The customer is free to install and configure the component on other Alfresco systems as well.
2. Installation of Alfresco MetaDBComponent.
3. Configuration of up to four Connectors.
4. Implementation of OpenSearch over Connectors for a google-like search in Alfresco.
5. An advanced documentation for administrators.


Maintenance and Support

The purchase price includes one year of software maintenance (updates) and support to the module via the venzia IT support (soporte@venzia.es). After one year 50% of list price per year will be calculated for further maintenance. A termination of the maintenance agreement must be done at least 60 days before end date in writing (also by email to info@venzia.es).


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