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    BFLY TOUCH 2.0

    BFLY TOUCH is a Rich Internet Application, available in a very user-friendly touch screen interface and based on the leading Open Source ECM platform: Alfresco.

    BFLY has been developed by using Flash/Flex and Java technologies. It enables users to storeorganize, file and share all kinds of documents and business contents (images, videos, e-mails, faxes, etc...), just by following a few simple steps.

    BFLY allows users to:

    • replace paper documents with digital ones
    • save time and space and cut costs
    • easily search for documents in the repository
    • avoid paper waste
    • Track and preserve documents
    • Manage roles and permissions
    • Anbieter: QBR S.r.l.
    • Version: 2.0
    • User Interface: Custom
    • Lizenzmodell: Kommerziell
    999,00 €
    Inkl. MwSt.

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