marketplace for Alfresco solutions

The search for reliable, Alfresco-based solutions has never been easier! The “ecm Market” is a B2B-platform for free and commercial solutions and designed for both Alfresco Enterprise and Alfresco Community.

Our marketplace provides an independent place to get information on, and purchase, reliable solutions for Alfresco. The “ecm Market” provides the necessary infrastructure for a secure purchase processing with buyer protection across boarders. In addition, the platform intends to create more transparency in a market that has so far been unclear for enterprises looking for Alfresco-solutions. This is accomplished by providing a review system and clear-cut prices.

Solutions designed for business use

You can rely on the solutions traded on ecm market. The marketplace wants to address enterprises and their demands and therefore offers commercial solution only including support and according to the standard rules of ecm Market.

Secure purchase processing with money-back-guarantee!

ecm market offers secure purchase processing across boarders. You will always receive a qualified invoice for your accounting. In case one of the solutions that you have purchased does not match the descriptions, you will receive you money back within 14 days.

We increase our supply constantly!

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